Terri’s Pies

Shortly after taking over ownership of the EBD, Matt introduced the staff to his idea for a personal goal program. These goals could be work related, personal, anything – as long as they were SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound).

Terri set a goal of baking and selling 10 pies at the EBD. It became apparent very quickly that she would need to set that goal a little higher!

It wouldn’t take long for Terri and Matt to realize that even a goal of selling 100 pies was modest. A year later, Terri’s Pies were a cherished part of the East Bremer Diner menu, and 3 years later, Terri is getting ready to open the doors to her very own bakery along with Matt’s wife, Adrienne.

You will be able to stop in to the Mixing Bowl for a slice of pie and with selections changing daily, you may need to visit more than once! Of course, the EBD will still offer a selection of Terri’s pies for you to enjoy after dinner or just because you LOVE pie!

Need pies for a reception or party? We can do that! Whole pies can be ordered for pick-up at the Mixing Bowl.

Please see the mixing bowl order form for Terri’s entire pie selection and pricing!

teris pies